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5 Signs You're a Music Fan

Music is more than just your hobby

Whether it's sports, fine cuisine, fashion or art, we are all aficionados of something. But if there's one specific breed of fanatic that is dear to Sony's heart, it's the diehard music fan. It's safe to assume that most people in the world enjoy listening to music. But for some, listening to their favourite songs isn't just a pastime, it's an essential part of their day — and most importantly, a reflection of their individuality. So, what does it take to be part of this group of devotees? Here are five signs that will indicate whether you can truly call yourself a music fan. 

You Have Music Playlists for Everything

As a music lover, whether you're studying, cleaning or working out, you have the perfect music playlist prepared for each situation. This means you're also the go-to person for putting together the ideal playlist to keep a party going or to pass the time on a long road trip. Your music knows no bounds, and neither does the number of playlists on your Walkman®. 

You're the "Know-it-all" of Music Gadgets

Forget Facebook® and Twitter™. The first thing you check in the morning is CNET and Audioholics for the latest in audio products. You know what a lossless format is, and you're constantly trying to explain to your friends why High-Res Audio puts Spotify™ and CDs to shame. And when your friends have questions about music gadgets—whether it's the right sound system for home entertainment or the perfect pair of headphones—you're the trusted advisor. 

You Have a Music Festival Calendar

If there's one thing you don't miss out on, it's the music scene. From the local concert series to underrated music festivals, you're invested in seeing them all. You know there's nothing like experiencing your favourite music artists perform your favourite songs live. So, no matter what the season, you have at least a couple concerts on your calendar that you are dying to attend. 

Music Reflects Your Personality 

As a music fanatic, your taste in music and selection of audio gadgets is a direct representation of your individuality. Your headphones are part of your daily accessories, so you take the time to find just the right colour, style and qualities that suit you. And your preferred music genre reflects your current lifestyle and personality, whether you are outgoing and social or more reserved and introverted.  

You're Up-to-date on Music News and Trends

You prefer to stay informed on the latest music news and trends by getting the inside scoop straight from the source. So you check out interviews with prominent music artists and influencers, and read articles that break down the conceptualization of audio gadgets. Nothing fascinates you more than learning about music pioneers and knowing where the industry is headed. 

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