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The Best Coffeehouse Music

Mellow songs to accompany your coffee and get you through the daily grind

It's a cool, brisk morning and you're sipping a delicious vanilla latte at your favourite local café. Now all you need is the perfect coffeehouse music playlist to start your day. Drinking coffee and listening to music have incredible mental and physical benefits. For instance, studies show that most people get more antioxidants from coffee than both vegetables and fruits combined! Comparatively, music can enhance blood vessel function and induce a meditative state to reduce stress. So what would happen if you combined these two superpowers together?

Answer: a lot more productivity and energy. Both coffee and music can increase creativity and boost energy levels. Likewise, they can positively impact your mood and make you happier. So why not amplify the positive effects of both activities by making sure you listen to a great coffeehouse music playlist the next time you grab your favourite coffee roast?

"Tennis Court"

Artist: Lorde

New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde, who often pairs her sultry voice with deep, haunting beats, set the music industry on fire with her original sound. Her smash hit song "Royals" was quickly followed by the just-as-popular sensation "Team". 

Her genre has been defined as "dream pop", a fitting label considering her music has indietronica undertones with catchy lyrics. These characteristics allow listeners to get lost in her music, making Lorde a great addition to any coffeehouse soundtrack. Although she's only 19 years old, Lorde has already won two Grammy® Awards, but doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Lucky for us!

"West Coast"

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey was born and raised in New York, and garnered widespread popularity as a singer and songwriter when "Video Games" became a viral sensation in 2011. Since then, she has continued to excel with the debut of her albums "Born to Die" and "Ultraviolence". 

What sets her apart from other music artists is her cinematic '50s and '60s Americana style and pop culture references. Her lyrics often convey tales of tragic romance, earning her music the genre label of "Hollywood sadcore". Lana has great vocal range, and she can make her voice sound girlish in timbre or low and jazzy. All of these components make her both an entertaining and unique artist to enjoy. Try listening to Lana Del Rey's music the next time you have to work on a big project. You're sure to get lost in her alluring music and your work.

"Lisa Sawyer"

Artist: Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges has brought back the soul and gospel genre and flawlessly made it hip again. His toe-tapping songs and smooth melodies are guaranteed to make you swoon. The next time you go to a coffeehouse for that morning wake-me-up, we recommend you listen to Leon's album, "Coming Home", to put you in a good mood. 

Accompanied by his retro-vintage band and back-up singers, this crooner will transport you back to the 1950s within a few seconds of listening to his opening notes. His songs range from mellow to upbeat, but all of them tell stories that feel like they're from a different era. Leon Bridges is a blast from the past who is simultaneously managing to become the next big thing — and will likely be the most frequently played artist in your coffeehouse playlist. 

"Leave the Lights On"

Artist: Meiko

Meiko is an American singer and songwriter, best known for her hit single, "Stuck On You". The song topped the charts in Japan, where Meiko released and pushed her album. A quarter Japanese herself, Meiko adopted her Japanese stage name to proudly reflect her heritage. 

Meiko takes the letters she's written to ex-lovers and sets them to the music of her Gibson guitar to create her heartfelt and often humorous songs. This allows her to develop a deep connection with her listeners who can emotionally relate to her honest music. She's currently working on a new independent album scheduled to release this year, so stay tuned for more hit songs to enjoy on your future coffee runs!

"Instant Crush"

Artist: Daft Punk

Daft Punk is one of the most revered duos in the electronic dance genre. Their mesmeric beats, famous robot helmets and powerful stage presence are just a few of the quirky characteristics that make them stand out among other artists. The group rarely appears on television or in media interviews and hardly ever promotes any sort of public appearance. They prefer to keep the emphasis on their shows' musical productions and special visual effects, which always rev up the crowd and make for a spectacular live performance. 

Don’t be mistaken — Daft Punk is more than just your run-of-the-mill house music duo. They also include elements of funk, techno, rock and even disco in their music to produce their complex and hypnotic beats. If you’re looking for a band that energizes you while you crank work out at a coffee shop, look no further than Daft Punk's latest and greatest music album, "Random Access Memories". 

By now, you're probably pining for a hot cup of coffee with a side of great music to go along with it. This coffeehouse music playlist offers just that, and is sure to put you in the right mindset — whether that's focusing on work or simply enjoying your favourite brew.

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