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Images of Shotgun Microphone
Images of Shotgun Microphone
Images of Shotgun Microphone

Sound that pinpoints your subject

Your camera or camcorder's built-in microphone can struggle to pick up clear dialogue and foreground sounds. This high quality 'shotgun' type mic focuses on sounds in a narrrow region in front of the camera.

Pro-quality performance

Enjoy rich, smooth sound quality with an extended frequency response, low noise and wide dynamic range.

More audio, less noise

Enjoy far better results than your camera or camcorder's built-in microphone. The mounting isolator cuts distracting mechanical noise from the camera and lens. There's also a supplied windshield that reduces noise in gusty conditions outdoors.

Easy mounting

The microphone attaches directly to your camcorder's accessory shoe. It's also supplied with a shoe adaptor that gives compatibility with all DSLR and SLT cameras by Sony.

  • High-quality 'shotgun' type microphone for cameras and camcorders with Mic Input jack

  • Pro-quality sound with smooth, extended frequency response, low noise and wide dynamic range

  • Highly directional (super cardioid) response picks up dialogue and sounds from narrow region directly in front of the camera

  • Supplied spacer and shock mount holder reduces operating noise from camcorder

  • Powered via AA alkaline battery or plug-in power

  • Supplied windshield reduces wind noise

  • LF cut mode reduces low frequencies for clearer, more intelligible speech

  • Mounts on camcorder accessory shoe: supplied with shoe adaptor for DSLR and SLT cameras

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