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Images of Media Receiver
Images of Media Receiver

All your music, any time

Switch between music from the radio or your iPhone, USB drive or MP3 player. Listen to tracks, including MP3/WMA/AAC, with the USB or AUX input.

USB input
iPhone/iPod playback

Total control from your phone

Plug your iPhone or other smartphone into the USB input to hear all your favourite tunes.

Red lights you can't miss

See the buttons easily when you're driving at night. Red lights make the controls easy to see so you can keep your focus on the road.

Red key illumination
  • USB input

  • AUX input

  • Red key illumination

  • Quick-BrowZer

  • iPod/iPhone direct control

Max. Power Output 4 x 55W
FM / MW / LW Presets
FM18, LW6, MW6
USB / MP3 Player
AAC, MP3, Repeat, Shuffle, WMA
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