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Waterproof Cameras Devices

Point and shoot your way to amazing photos and movies with our best waterproof cameras. From compact camcorders to sleek tablets, you’ll find a model that fits your lifestyle.

Dive into the action

Whether you’re surfing the waves or the web, you’ll be able to do so without worrying about water damage. Our waterproof cameras, waterproof camcorders, and select smart devices pair power – including ZEISS lenses, Exmor sensors, and high-speed processors – with durable design to deliver unrivalled shooting and web-browsing convenience.

Man kayaking with Sony waterproof camera
Sony's waterproof digital camera underwater

Ready to take on life

With our best waterproof cameras, you can shoot anywhere at any time, so you’ll never miss a second of the action. Whether you're caught in a downpour or just want to record every moment of your big surfing trip, you’ll be ready with one of our waterproof cameras in your hands.

Start your adventure with an Action Cam

Discoverthe world with our Action Cam range – camcorders designed with adventure in mind. Compact and lightweight, it can be placed within a waterproof case and easily mounted to capture thrilling first-person views. Everything you film below the waves or on the slopes stays crisp and clear with built-in SteadyShot and Exmor sensors.

Man in the mountains with Sony's waterproof Action Cam
Man with waterproof smartphone from Sony

Brave the elements with your smartphone

Make and take calls anywhere with our waterproof smartphones. Unlike most phones, Sony models can survive up to 30 minutes underwater; splashes and raindrops aren’t a problem, either. Best of all, our compact smartphones double as waterproof digital cameras, so you can head to the beach and click away, worry-free.

Tablets that go the distance

Enjoy the power of a tablet and latest in waterproof technology in one go. Our latest tablets are also some of our best waterproof cameras, making it easy to snap photos and post them online from a single source. A little water or wet hands won’t harm your tablets either, and they can also withstand up to 30 minutes under water.

Waterproof tablet from Sony
Best waterproof camera from Sony

Power. Durability. Convenience.

Our waterproof range is perfect balance of form and function, combining stylish yet durable designs with our biggest and best technologies - including Exmor sensors, ZEISS lenses, and leading sound and imaging technologies. With a Sony product, you'll be able to shoot confidently wherever you are, and whatever the conditions.