Enjoy the true picture in 4K

Bring the immersive excitement of a true 4K movie theatre into your home

At Sony we’ve been at the cutting edge of digital cinema for over a decade, since launching the world’s first 4K integrated projection system in 2005. And today you’ll find our cinematic heritage in our Home Theatre projectors that use the same 4K SXRD™ panel technology featured in our professional Digital Cinema projectors that you’ll find in movie theatres all over the world.

When cinema projection went digital, Sony developed the 4K Cinema quality that was approved by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) in Hollywood, where the requirements for picture quality are set at a very high standard. Right from the start, Sony was the only manufacturer building 4K projectors with 4096x2160 resolution, while others stuck with lower-resolution 2K. This insistence on quality meant that cinemas wanting to screen movies with the highest possible picture quality quickly chose Sony 4K.

4K was just one of Sony’s digital cinema innovations. We developed our own unique panel technology, ensuring the highest possible contrast ratio. And that’s crucial in movie theatres, where films are shown in a dark environment.

These innovations, along with many more, are available to enjoy in your home whether you have a dedicated theatre room or a room where you gather with family and friends to watch movies, sports or binge on TV.

Sony 4K Projectors

The Choice Is Clear.


See the big picture in True 4K HDR


Introducing the new Sony VPL-VW295ES Home Cinema Projector with 1,500 lumens of spectacular brightness. Bring entertainment and gaming to life with 4K HDR clarity and brightness in every living space. With enriched black gradation and a much broader color range, every scene springs to life with finer detail, realism, and deep blacks. This model’s great value lets you take full advantage of the latest content in impressive sharpness and vivid color, whether you’re watching sports, enjoying movies, or playing games. The picture is so incredibly lifelike, it’s almost like being there!

4K HDR home projector with awe-inspiring brightness


Experience the beauty of true 4K HDR images with the new Sony VPL-VW695ES Home Cinema Projector. This low-maintenance, compact projector provides an immersive home theater experience, with clear, crisp, bright pictures that make you feel as though you’re right in the middle of the action! And when you’re playing 4K HDR 60P games, you’ll notice a more realistic reaction time with low latency mode. Its compact size makes it easy to install, and its long lasting lamp provides higher brightness and less maintenance.


Compact Laser 4K HDR


The VPL-VW885ES is a new landmark in home theater technology, with picture performance that you’d expect from bigger, more expensive projectors. Laser light levels are precisely controlled in real time for impressive dynamic contrast with the latest 4K HDR content. 

4K Laser light projector with ARC-F lens


Meet the new projector for elite movie, sports, and game fans. A 2,200 lumen Z-Phosphor laser light source brings exceptionally bright and clear colors with wide contrast range for over 20,000 hours of viewing time. With Sony’s ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) lens and new Digital Focus Optimizer for ultra-crisp images, you’ll wonder how you watched movies before the VPL-VW995ES.


The best projector designed for large home cinemas


The VPL-VW500ES can lay claim to being the world’s finest projector. The ultra-pure laser light engine delivers a jaw-dropping 5,000 lumens brightness for truly stunning 4K HDR images on the largest home cinema screens. 

Huge 4K pictures to fit special situations


Enjoy incredible entertainment without changing your room layout. The VPL-VZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw Laser Light Source Projector can be positioned at the front of a room like a TV, creating sumptuous 4K HDR images up to 120” with no shadows. The compact VPL-VZ1000ES offers a wonderfully simple, elegant Home Theater experience that won’t disrupt your room: there’s no need to get inside your walls and ceiling to install mounting brackets or route extra cabling.