X93L | BRAVIA XR | Mini LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Google TV)

X93L Series

X93L Series
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design
85-in TV design

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Dazzling light.
Deepest shadow.

Our stunning 4K Mini LED TV powered by Cognitive Processor XR™ delivers dazzling brightness and deep blacks. Spectacular contrast is achieved by XR Backlight Master Drive™. What you hear matches what you see.

  • XR-65X93L

    164 cm (65")
  • XR-75X93L

    189 cm (75")
  • XR-85X93L

    215 cm (85")

Intense brightness,
truly immersive

With our precision control and Mini LED powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, this TV is fabulously immersive.

Detail of TV screen showing mountains and a sunset with Sony XR logo in foreground

Spectacular contrast.
Mini LED. 

Depth. Detail. Definition. XR Backlight Master Drive™ expertly controls our 4K Mini LED.

Detail of corner of TV showing white dots and mountains

Sound immersion, surround expansion

Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, this TV makes every sound cinematic. Sound comes directly from the screen, perfectly matching action.

BRAVIA TV screen showing conductor and orchestra with sound waves radiating out in concentric rings from the centre of the screen

Game time. Be invincible.

Our BRAVIA XR™ TVs capture the awesome graphics and soundscapes of today’s games. Want more? Pair with a PlayStation® 5 console for absolute immersion.01
BRAVIA TV with screenshot of God of War: Ragnarök showing a boat on a river and bridge in background with PS5™ console, controller and PS5™ logo to the right of the TV

Love entertainment.
Love the planet.

Great pictures and sound should never compromise the environment. We work tirelessly to help reduce our impact on the planet.
Living room with wall-mounted BRAVIA TV showing Eco Dashboard on screen

See what makes this TV special

This video introduces the 2023 model of Sony X93L BRAVIA XR 4K Mini LED TV.

This TV provides an immersive experience with the highest picture and sound quality for all types of content.

Cognitive Processor XR maximizes the potential of Mini LED to achieve spectacular contrast.

With Acoustic Multi Audio, it feels as though the sound is coming from the right place in the scene, precisely matching the visuals.

Our BRAVIA XR TVs capture the awesome graphics and soundscapes of today’s games.

BRAVIA CAM recognizes where you’re sitting and optimizes settings accordingly.

Our minimalist One Slate design fuses screen and bezel into a single slate, minimizing noise and maximizing your viewing experience. The bezel in Titanium Silver has a softly curved shape for design harmony.  It comes equipped with a prestige multi-position stand.



Eco message

Designed with the environment in mind


Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences, but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.

  • Dynamic Backlight Control, or pixel-level lighting control, helps improve energy efficiency by adjusting display brightness as picture content changes
  • Power Saving Mode helps save energy by adjusting the display brightness
  • Display Off Mode helps save energy by turning the picture display off without needing to put the TV into full stand-by mode, so audio can still be enjoyed