The Best EDM Video Game Soundtracks

Immersive video game music soundtracks that turn up the beat

Video games and electronic music are no strangers to each other, so it's no surprise to see some of the big names in electronic dance music (EDM) making waves in the video game soundtrack space for some of the biggest games today. According to Magnetic Mag, video game music soundtracks were some of the first popularized forms of electronic music. Modern EDM has drawn inspiration from some of the very first 8-bit games to more complex ambient video game soundtracks like Myst and the first Silent Hill. It's only grown from there, especially with the rise of music-focused titles like DJ Hero. As the sound quality for video games has improved over the years, the distinction between a "video game" song and a mainstream electronic song became less and less. Today, the two markets have had an inevitable marriage of sound. Artists like Skrillex regularly sample video game music and sound effects in their work, while EDM smash hits like Martin Garrix's "Animals" or deadmau5's "Some Chords" have found a home in equally popular video game music soundtracks.

The Link Between Video Games and EDM

Video game soundtracks were some of the first popularized forms of electronic music. Modern EDM has drawn inspiration from some of the very first 8-bit games to more complex ambient soundtracks like Myst and the first Silent Hill. 

Source: Magnetic Mag

With video game soundtracks spun out by some of EDM's biggest names or electronic-fuelled music collections, read on to discover six of the best video game soundtracks that any fan of EDM will want to listen to. Armed with the MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Headphones, you'll feel every beat of these video game soundtracks with no wires to get in the way of these truly immersive experiences.

Tron Run/r Soundtrack

Tron Run/r trailer 

Developer Sanzaru Games and publisher Disney Interactive Studios turned to one of EDM's pioneers, Giorgio Moroder, for the music soundtrack to this endless runner action game. Moroder teamed up with composer Raney Shockne for an active, flowing musical score that gives players an engaging sense of speed, such as the high-octane sound of the video game song "Recursion." You'll want a pair of MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Headphones to pick up every nuance in this epic blend of sound, especially in the show-stopping track "Run Program" as it builds to a satisfying conclusion. This video game music combines with fluorescent visuals to truly bring you into the mainframe world of one of Sci-Fi's most storied film franchises. 

Project CARS Soundtrack 

Project CARS trailer

EDM superstar deadmau5 has a renowned passion for cars, and he got the chance to combine his two great loves in this thrilling driving title. The video game features a soundtrack curated by deadmau5 himself, a fantastic blend of remixes and original tracks from the artist. From the chest thumping bassline of "Some Chords" to the bouncier rhythms of "Phantoms Can't Hang," there are plenty of tracks that keep you on the edge of your driving seat. Praised for its realism, Project CARS brings every twist and turn of the track straight to the living room with an EDM soundtrack perfect for your everyday real-world driving as well.

Play Nicky Soundtrack 

"Toulouse" by Nicky Romero 

It doesn't get more EDM-focused than this delightful mobile game put out by Nicky Romero's production company for both iOS and Android. Playing as the DJ himself, the goal is to get Romero and his fellow performers to their next gig. With digitized, 8-bit style versions of some of Romero's most famous tracks like "Toulouse," there's plenty of great music in this video game soundtrack to keep you going in this goofy yet fast-paced platforming adventure.

99.9% The Game Soundtrack

"Bus Ride" by Kaytranada

Fans of the addictive mobile game Flappy Bird will enjoy this video game soundtrack from artist Kaytranada. The free video game was released to promote his latest album, "99.9%," but is still available through the artist's website. Guiding a plane past hazards like lightning bolts and volcanoes, players aim for a high score while listening to digitized versions of tracks from the "99.9%" album, like "Bus Ride" and "Glowed Up." The reward for a high score is a bonus track tied to the album, "Nobody Beats the Kay."

Just Dance 2016 Soundtrack

Just Dance trailer

Given that EDM has "Dance" right in its name, it's no surprise that several of the genre's biggest songs make it into this popular dancing series regularly. Just Dance 2016 continues this trend, with the video game soundtrack including smash hits like Martin Garrix's "Animals," Calvin Harris' "Blame" and David Guetta's "Hey Mama." Each of the video game's songs offer an infectious energy and catchy beats to keep you dancing the night away. Whether you're trying to match the video game's choreography or dancing with your own moves, with the MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Headphones, you'll never have to worry about cords tripping you up.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Soundtrack

Crypt of the NecroDancer trailer

Music is essential in this mashup of dungeon explorer and rhythm video game from developer Brace Yourself Games. Players are rewarded in their efforts to traverse dangerous dungeons when they perfectly match the beat of the song they're listening to—which usually feature pronounced basslines and elements of chiptune, such as the level theme "Disco Descent." The video game comes with an excellent electronic soundtrack composed by Danny Baranowsky, featuring highly addictive video game music like "Rhythmortis," but also allows players to import custom songs. Given the boosted basslines of this video game soundtrack, the MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass Headphones are the perfect device to hear every beat with perfect clarity.

There's a lot to love here for music fans. These experiences are enhanced by wireless headphones to really cut the cord and leave nothing but an immersive adventure filled with clear, crisp audio.

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