20MM F2.8

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4 Customer Reviews


Good but not great...

SAL20F28 18/07/2014 by chefemzman (USA)

The reason I purchased this lens was for landscape and architectural shoots. I purchased the lens a few days before the 4th of July. I used this lens with my a77 along with the 16-50 kit lens on my a7 for that evening, alternating shots during the fireworks display. The photos turned out pretty good. I really haven't been able to use the lens much since because of my work load. Maybe after 6 months, I'll do another review.




Quality for the Price

SAL20F28 20/03/2013 by illy (Canada)

I purchased this lens for my a99 body for the purpose of capturing indoor photography of subjects (head to toe). I found my 50mm f1.4 and a CZ 85mm f1.4 lenses are both great in low light, but I find myself really constrained when trying to distance myself from my subject (especially in a 10x10 sized room). With this 20mm, I can stand approx. 3-4 feet and be able to capture the full subject in frame. The issue is with the amount of light indoor shooting provides. I certainly recommend a flash as dropping the ISO (below 800) at full aperture will not help. Additionally, in poor lighting conditions, the AF is a pain and MF will need to be used. However, with optimal lighting, this lens has very crisp images, even at the corners. Very impressive! I would recommend this to users for outdoor photography or indoor flash photography needing a comfortable distance from their subjects while capturing a large focus area.




I would definitely recommand this lens

SAL20F28 25/10/2011 by psstudio (USA)

The Sony 20 mm F/2.8 makes a very good and relatively low cost super-wide angle lens. For most people, it's wide enough and fast enough. I would definitely recommend this lens.




Very light, fast , good focus lens

SAL20F28 09/05/2011 by PhotoNur (USA)

This is a light weight, compact lens. If you are looking for wide angle, fast lens this is the lens for you. Photos come very sharp in low light condition using F/2.8. It is easy to carry around, good to take landscape photos as well as architecture. Comparing with Sony 11-18mm f/4.5-5.6 Zoom Lens, vignetting at the edges and distortion is almost none. The bokeh is really nice on the background of your main subject. would recommend this lens if you are into architecture or landscape photography.