Images of FDA-V1K ZEISS Optical Viewfinder Kit
Images of FDA-V1K ZEISS Optical Viewfinder Kit
Cyber-shot™ RX1 optical viewfinder

Attach the viewfinder to your Cyber-shot™ RX1 for a Zeiss optical view with 12-mm eye piece, 0.58x magnification and accurate framing for clear, detailed shots.

Zeiss clarity

Zeiss technology shows you every detail of the frame.

Frame with precision

Enjoy accurate 0.58x magnification for a perfectly framed image.

Attach with ease

Smoothly attach the viewfinder with the multi interface shoe.

Specifications and Features

  • See every detail with high-quality Zeiss optics

  • Comfortable eyepiece for framing your shot

  • Attaches quickly and easily to the multi interface shoe

  • A magnification ratio of 0.58x for clear detail

  • The viewfinder come with a carrying case and cloth

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