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Outfit your college dorm room with these trendy music gadget ideas and essentials 

As the leaves begin to turn and the chill of autumn arrives, the sounds of students, professors and faculty will fill college campuses. Students will soon be packing up their possessions and college dorm room accessories, waving farewell to home and saying hello to a new semester of classes. Leaving the comforts of your childhood bedroom may be hard, but it means creating your own new college dorm room filled with music accessories, gadget essentials, and memories.

Whether you're a serious student who uses your college dorm room for studying or a social butterfly planning parties for all your closest friends, these are some of the must-have gadgets and essentials for your dream dorm room. With these college dorm room accessories in tow, you're ready to head off for college, where your stylish dorm is sure to put you at the top of the class. 

Dorm Room Accessory #1 

Turntable for the Hipster Student

Along with posters of your favourite bands and your extensive collection of classic and modern-day vinyl records, don't forget to bring along a turntable as original as your personality. The PS-HX500 turntable is a dorm room accessory for the student with a fondness for all things vintage and unique. Your alphabetically arranged records will have never sounded better.  

Invite your friends over for a morning study session, prepare a pot of coffee and enjoy the newest record from Radiohead on the PS-HX500 turntable. When you want to take your music with you to class, use the device's USB Digital Output to connect to your laptop, converting any of your records to High-Resolution Audio file formats to load onto portable music players. This turntable's lightweight and streamlined design allow it to easily fit in your dorm room, no matter how limited your space is! 

Dorm Room Accessory #2 

Portable Wireless Speaker for the Party Planning Student

If your dorm room doubles as a dance floor, then the SRS-XB3 portable wireless speaker is a must-have accessory for your dream college dorm room. After a busy day of hitting the books or a week of classes, there's nothing like the sounds of your favourite artists to help you unwind and enjoy time with friends. Start the dance party in one corner of your dormitory with the pop sounds of Sia, and when you're ready for some after-party peace, take things down a notch and relax with the soothing sounds of Nicola Benedetti's classical violin concertos.

Tailor-made for dance music, the SRS-XB3's EXTRA BASS button will take your back-to-school bash to the next level with its impactful bass and loudness. Its water-resistant exterior protects it from party spills, and the music gadget's vivid colouring makes it impossible to lose in a room crowded with your friends. Keep the music going as long as you want, or until your resident advisor comes knocking on your door. 

Dorm Room Accessory #3

Audio & Video Player for the Film Student

If you consider your Blu-ray disc collection to be your top back-to-school essential, then you need a dorm room accessory that's as serious about cinema as you are. The UHP-H1 Premium Audio & Video Player will turn your dream dorm room into a mini movie theatre. Don't forget to pack along the popcorn with this music gadget. Stream and play everything, including CDs, multiple digital music file formats and your favourite DVDs. This gadget enables you to use your favourite streaming service directly, so once the weekend arrives, your binge-watching can begin.

Invite your best friends over for a movie night or a gaming session and the UHP-H1 will upgrade the audio in your favourite movie or video game and surround your pals in some serious sound. For dorm rooms that are on the small side, the UHP-H1 is compact and stylish, fitting comfortably in your entertainment space. Your favourite television series, movies and video games will come to life like never before with the audio and video player's 4K upscaling. With a picture that's crystal clear and colourful, don't be surprised to find your dream dorm room becoming the go-to hangout spot for pop-culture buffs like you. 

Dorm Room Accessory #4

Headphones for the Bookworm Student

While freshman year is the time for making lots of new memories and new friends, it's also important to buckle down and give your full attention to your studies. When you need to drown out the sounds of roommates or the world outside and hit the books, the h.ear on Wireless NC headphones are one of the must-have dorm room accessories. Choose a pair in a colour that matches your personality and slip them on when you need to tune out the noise around you. With these Sony wireless headphones, you'll be able to tune in to your study soundtrack of choice from the comfort of your desk.

These headphones' noise-cancelling capabilities enable you to tune into your favourite artist for studying, whether you prefer the smooth sounds of Miles Davis' jazz or the high-energy pop punk of Blink 182. Avoid cluttering your crowded study space with wires thanks to the headphone's wireless design. Make studying fun with the music of your favourite artists motivating you to earn straight A's. When you need a break from the books, just press pause on your studies and let the sounds of High-Resolution Audio carry you off to visions of weekend fun.

The Best Year Ever

Packing along these dorm room accessories for college will ensure this is your best school year ever. Friends will flock to your dorm to hit the dance floor, enjoy binge-watching their favourite TV series and gather around the turntable to enjoy the latest in music! 

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