Elevated Performance for All

Elevate your home theatre standards with Sony
STR-AZ1000ES receiver
STR-AZ3000ES receiver
STR-AZ5000ES receiver
STR-AZ7000ES receiver

The Heart of Integration

Elevate your home theatre standarts with Sony's receivers featuring reowned ES quality.

360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your environment

Features 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology to draw you into your entertainment like never before. Based on the positional information measured by D.C.A.C. IX, and multiple phantom speakers are generated all around you, for an entirely new sound sensation, so you can experience all the drama of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® alongside every breath, step and word like you're right inside the film.

360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology
360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology
8K HDR logo and 4K 120 logo
High quality visuals

All of the original picture quality is preserved when played through the  STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES,
STR-AZ5000ES or STR-AZ7000ES so you’ll be completely immersed in movies. Gaming is also much more thrilling and realistic, with support for the latest formats, such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in HDMI 2.1.

High quality sound

Enjoy music the way the artists truly intended with High-Resolution Audio for crystal clear precision or discover a new way of listening with 360 Reality Audio for a truly immersive live concert or studio session experience. With the
STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES, STR-AZ5000ES or
STR-AZ7000ES, your music comes to life like never before.

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BRAVIA TV with Acoustic Center Sync
Best with Sony TVs

When connected to a BRAVIA TV with Acoustic Center Sync , both the audio system and the TV become the center speaker in your home cinema system. With Acoustic Center Sync, you’ll hear dialogue from the screen. Action and sound are precisely aligned so your viewing becomes much more immersive.


7.2 Channel 8K A/V Receiver


9.2 Channel 8K A/V Receiver


11.2 Channel 8K A/V Receiver


13.2 Channel 8K A/V Receiver