Fiestable is an app that lets you use your smartphone to control the party features of Sony’s High Power Audio Systems and Wireless Speakers. To use the Fiestable app you’ll need to download the Sony | Music Center app first.

Available on Android and iOS

Give the party a boost with Fiestable

Fun, intuitive and easy to use, Fiestable helps you get the party moving.


Voice Control via Fiestable

Change track, turn on the lights, or flash all the colours just by speaking. Simply select Voice Control via the Fiestable app and speak your command – there are up to 39 commands, ranging from music playback to adjusting lighting and KARAOKE modes.


Party Light via Fiestable

Just tap Party Light via Fiestable on your smartphone and the phone's display starts to mirror the sound system's lighting effects, flashing and changing colour in time with the music. There's no limit to the number of smartphones that can join in, and with all their screens flashing in sync, it makes for a unique shared experience. 


TAIKO Game Ranking

Put your rhythm to the test in TAIKO Game Mode. Tap and swipe the top panel of your audio system in time with the lights and see who can set the highest score at the party. With TAIKO Game Ranking via the Fiestable app, you can even see how you compare with other players online. Will your score make it into the Top 10?


Party King

Share your party status on social media with just one click from the Fiestable app. The more frequently you check in, the higher you'll climb up the Party People rankings. The Fiestable app rewards your achievements with bonus features and one day, who knows — you could become the certified Party King.

Fiestable puts you in control 

It doesn't matter whether you're right next to the sound system or on the other side of the dancefloor — with the Fiestable app on your smartphone, you're always in control.

DJ control interface
DJ control

Control DJ effects (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan) and the sampler (Drums, Voice, etc.). Adjust your sound system's EQ levels.

Illumination control interface
Illumination control

Change the colour, flashing speed and flashing pattern of the speaker lighting on your audio system.

Karaoke interface

Adjust microphone level, echo, key transposition and the level of the original vocal track for your favourite karaoke numbers, and rate other people's performances too.

Motion control interface
Motion control

Want an even easier way to adjust the volume or play the sampler? Simply shake and tilt your smartphone.

How to use the Fiestable app

You can enjoy various functions just by downloading the Sony | Music Center app and the Fiestable app from Google Play or the App Store and connecting with audio equipment via Bluetooth.

Download the Fiestable app

Already got the Sony | Music Center app? Then you're ready to download Fiestable.

Available on Android and iOS

Download the Sony Music Center app

If you haven't got the Sony | Music Center app yet, you'll need it in order to use Fiestable.

Available on Android and iOS

Compatible High-Power Audio Systems and Wireless Speakers

※ Compatible function depends on model.