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Get in the deep end

From the greatest musical compositions to explosive movie soundtracks, the SA-NA9ES subwoofer produces bass with impressive depth and superb sound quality.

Active bass control

Whether you want to push a wide frequency for the dramatic tension of a movie, or target a specific range, the Q-Control lets you optimise the sound.

Two 250mm woofer drivers
Bass with precision and clarity

Two 250mm woofers facing opposite sides of the enclosure are held by an internal brace, producing a remarkable sense of volume while cancelling vibrations.

Crafted for a natural sound

European birch wood is a material renowned for its acoustic resonance. Crafted using traditional techniques, it offers a sound that is precise yet warm.

European wood
European wood

European birch's tight grain results in ideal reverberation.

Japanese craftsmanship
Japanese craftsmanship

Traditional Japanese woodworking methods form a rigid enclosure.

Specifications and Features

  • Q-control with 2 different modes

  • 2 aluminium 250mm cone woofers

  • Handcrafted, rigid European wood enclosure

  • Home theatre ready with the ES line

  • An internal brace controls vibration

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