Images of Home Theatre Centre Speaker
Crafted for multi-channel precision

The SS-NA8ES centre speaker incorporates breakthrough technology with centuries old craftsmanship to make you feel as if the performance is right in front of you.

Hear each and every instrument

The I-Array™ system uses a unique design and layout of tweeters that combines multiple sound sources without any colouration or blending of sounds.

I-Array system
Crafted for a natural sound

European birch wood is a material renowned for its acoustic resonance. Crafted using traditional techniques, it delivers a warm sound with musical precision.

Scandinavian wood
European wood

European birch’s tight grain results in ideal reverberation.

Japanese craftsmanship
Japanese craftsmanship

Traditional Japanese woodworking methods form a rigid enclosure.

Centre speaker, with 5 drivers
Putting sound front and centre

The 2-way centre speaker has 5 drivers and a bass reflex system. 3 soft-dome tweeters deliver crystal highs and two 130mm woofers provide resonant bass.

Home theatre ready

The SS-NA8ES works flawlessly with the suite of ES speakers creating lifelike music reproduction and impactful movie soundtracks.

Wide-ranging sound

Don't miss a single note again. The SS-NA8ES lets you hear crystal highs and deep lows with a frequency range of 45Hz to 45kHz.

Specifications and Features

  • 2-way, 5-driver, bass reflex, centre speaker

  • I-Array tweeter system for natural sound

  • Handcrafted, rigid European wood enclosure

  • Home theatre ready with the ES line

  • Frequency range of 45Hz to 45kHz

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