Enjoy 4K video from your camera

Make the most of your 4K video

Discover loads of ways to enjoy your 4K ultra-high-definition videos. Learn how to watch, save and edit your 4K videos shot with your 4K Handycam® or Action Cam. Not only keeping it in storage, make the most of 4K video and enjoy your masterpiece with your family and friends.


Learn how to watch 4K video on 4K or HD TVs and devices.

Q: How can I watch 4K video shot using a 4K Handycam® or Action Cam?

A: Watch your 4K Handycam® and Action Cam video on compatible TVs or computers. There are two ways to watch video in 4K: Watch your video on a 4K TV, or use 4K playback-compatible software to watch video on a computer.

Image of watch on TV
Watch on 4K TV

Use HDMI cables (ver. 2.0 or higher) to connect your 4K-capable Handycam®, Action Cam or computer to a 4K-compatible TV.

Image of watch on PC
Watch on computer

Use 4K playback-compatible software to watch 4K video on 4K-capable computer.

Additional tips on watching 4K video

Q: Can I watch 4K video on a Full HD TV?

A: Yes, easily watch 4K video down-converted to Full HD on HDTVs. Simply connect your 4K Handycam® or 4K Action Cam to a compatible Full HDTV to automatically down-convert 4K video to exceptionally detailed Full HD video.

*1 HDMI ver. 2.0 or higher is recommended


Learn how to save 4K video to external memory

Q: Where can I save 4K video?

A: Save 4K video to computers, external hard drives, USB memories or SD memory cards. On computers, use free software like PlayMemories Home™ or Action Cam Movie Creator to easily manage or playback 4K video. To save 4K video to an external hard drive, directly copy video from Handycam® using Direct Copy (see Additional tips on saving 4K video), or copy via computer. Copy 4K video to USB memory or SD memory cards via computers.

Compatibility by Device


Use PlayMemories Home to easily manage and playback 4K video.

External hard drive
External hard drive

Direct copy from 4K Handycam®. Format: NTFS or exFAT

USB flash memory or SD memory card
USB flash memory or SD memory card

Format: NTFS or exFAT

Transfer 4K video to portable devices using a computer

PlayMemories Home
PlayMemories Home

Freeware which enables photos and videos to be easily managed and edited on computer.

Action Cam
Action Cam Movie Creator

Turn all of your surprises and amazing experiences captured with your Action Cam into a memorable movie.

Additional tips on saving 4K video

*1 Optional accessory. Availability depends on country.

Tips: Direct Copy

Easily back up or save 4K video to an external hard drive. Simply connect your Handycam® containing the original video to a hard drive using a USB cable .

Q: Can I save 4K video to Blu-ray Disc™?

A: While Blu-ray Disc and DVD do not support 4K video recording, you can burn 4K video to Blu-ray Disc by down-converting to AVCHD. As original video is recorded in 4K, you can enjoy exceptionally detailed Full HD.

Image of using PlayMemories Home to burn disc

Using PlayMemories Home

Use PlayMemories Home to easily down-convert your Handycam® or Action Cam 4K video to AVCHD format and burn it to Blu-ray Disc™.

Image of using editing software to burn disc

Using editing software

Alternatively, use Movie Studio Platinum or other editing software to down-convert 4K XAVC S video to AVCHD and burn to Blu-ray Disc™. Please check software specification for compatibility.


Learn how to edit your 4K video for other uses

Q: Which editing software is 4K XAVC S compatible?

A: Use free Sony software, PlayMemories Home or third-party software like Premiere Pro CC to edit your 4K video.

What you can do with video editing software

Image of original video
Creating original video

With a little editing, you can transform your 4K video into impressive original movies.

Image of converting video formats
Converting video formats

Convert video from XAVC S (4K) to AVCHD (HD) to save HD-quality images on a Blu-ray Disc™.

Image of capturing still images
Capturing still images from video

Extract 4K (8.29 megapixels) still images from your favourite 4K video scenes.

Q: How can I watch edited 4K video on a TV?

A: To watch edited 4K video on a TV, output the 4K video to an SD memory card or a camera and play back using an XAVC S-compatible camera. 

If you have 4K output capable computer, simply play back 4K video using the computer connected to a 4K TV via a HDMI cable without converting video format or outputting video to a camera.

With camera

1. Edit
1. Edit and convert video to XAVC S format

Edit video and convert it to XAVC S format using PlayMemories Home or Premiere Pro CC with Video Edit Components plug-in software.

2. Write back
2. Write back

Write back files to SD memory card or camera using PlayMemories Home.

3. Watch
3. Watch

Connect XAVC S compatible camera to 4K TV via a HDMI cable and playback with the camera.

With computer

1. Edit
1. Edit and convert video to XAVC S format

Edit video using XAVC S-compatible software.

2. Watch
2. Watch

Connect 4K output capable computer to 4K TV via a HDMI cable and play back with the computer.

4K Format

Learn about the new 4K format, XAVC S

Q: What is XAVC S format?

A: XAVC S format was developed for 4K recording.

As AVCHD, popularly used for conventional camcorder, does not support 4K video recording, XAVC S was developed for 4K and HD video recording for consumer use, based on the professional XAVC 4K and HD format. XAVC S employs the Long GOP codec (H.264/AVC) for video file compression to extend 4K video capture capacity. Moreover, the MP4 container format simplifies the handling of 4K video. It also supports high-bit rate recording, so you can record high-resolution video even when shooting high-action shots.

File format

File system

Container format

4 GB file size limit

Video codec

Audio codec

Maximum resolution

Maximum bit rate

Maximum bit rate will vary depending on the camera.