Images of VG-C99AM Vertical Control Grip for a99
Images of VG-C99AM Vertical Control Grip for a99
Keep a firm hold on your SLT-A99 camera

Enjoy steady support when shooting portraits. Simply attach this vertical control grip to the SLT-A99 for sure handling and easy-reach control.

Easy-reach controls
Easy-reach controls

This vertical grip duplicates camera controls.

Simply adjust the settings of your SLT-A77 using the grip, with second shutter for portrait shots. All dials and buttons are sealed against dust and moisture.

Stay charged and shoot for longer

Using three NP-FM500H batteries, this vertical grip has auto power switching so you can take advantage of all-day shooting stamina.

Three NP-FM500H batteries

Specifications and Features

  • Firmer, easier hold when shooting portraits

  • Designed to easily attach to the SLT-A99

  • Shoot for longer with three NP-FM500H batteries

  • Buttons and dials are protected from dust and moisture

  • Attach a hand strap to keep your grip secure

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