Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Audio gadgets that are worthy of the world's best mom

Since it’s an undisputed fact that moms are the best, don’t they deserve the best Mother’s Day gifts? And after all of the loads of laundry, home-cooked meals and advice that our moms gave us without ever asking for anything in return, it’s high time we show our appreciation with the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. Flowers, chocolate and breakfast in bed are nice gestures, but why not step it up a notch this year and buy her a more personalized tech gadget that she’ll really appreciate? This Mother’s Day, we put together a unique list of gift ideas that says, “Thanks, Mom!” from the heart. Your mom will enjoy any of the thoughtful gifts on our list, and more importantly, she’ll love knowing it came from you.

A Gift for the Mom Who is Always “On the go” 

NWZ-A Series Walkman®

The NWZ-A Series Walkman® is a great Mother’s Day gift for the moms who are big travellers or constantly on the move. Designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or hand, the NWZ-A Series Walkman® is easy to tote around while hiking, running, commuting to work or walking the dog. And with ClearAudio+™ technologies that reproduce the crisp stereo sound of the original source, your mom can listen to a realistic sound stage, booming bass and consistent volume across all tracks on her Walkman®.

You can even take the personalization of the gift a step further and create a playlist of your mom’s favourite songs. Add some beloved oldies and new jams to her NWZ-A Series Walkman® before giving it to her, and label the playlist a fun name or inside joke that only she will understand. Get creative and create a playlist of songs about moms like The Rolling Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper” or John Lennon’s “Mother.” However you decide to customize your playlist, feel free to add as many songs as you like because this light and portable music player has up to 64 GB of built-in memory, and even more if you add a microSDXC card. With up to 30 hours of unlimited playtime, your jet-setting mom could go a few days before she needs to charge her favourite new travel companion that will remind her of you no matter where she goes!

Download a few of our favourite songs about moms in high-res quality below. 

Artist: The Rolling Stones 

Artist: John Lennon 

Artist: Queen 

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne 

A Gift for the Career-oriented Mom

h.ear in Wireless Headphones 

If your mom loves hearing from you, but often has her hands full at work, she’ll love the h.ear in Wireless Headphones as a Mother’s Day gift. Not only can she listen to music wirelessly in High-Resolution Audio quality with Bluetooth® and One-touch NFC connectivity, but she can also pick up phone calls and talk to the people that matter most in her life — like you. Whether she’s at her desk in between meetings or commuting to work, she can easily take calls hands-free (leaving room for coffee in one hand and breakfast in the other). It’s the perfect gift for a busy mom who could use an extra helping hand. You’ll never have to worry again about a call being dropped because one of you hit the end call button on your sensitive smartphone interface. Here’s the chance for your mom to talk freely for minutes on end completely uninterrupted.  

Another benefit she’ll love is that the h.ear in Wireless Headphones are incredibly stylish and comfortable. These colourful and lightweight headphones wrap loosely around your neck or under your collar to provide you with a natural fit and feel. The in-ear headphones’ ergonomic shape ensures a snug and secure fit, so your mom can listen to track after track comfortably for hours on end. The battery life lasts up to 7.5 hours, so she can go the whole work day wearing them without missing a beat or a call from you!

A Gift for the Hostess Mom

h.ear go Wireless Speaker

If your mom loves bringing people together with delicious appetizers, carefully laid out decorations, and the perfect playlist, then this is the present for her! The h.ear go wireless speaker is just the right gift for the mom who loves to host social gatherings for her family and friends. The speaker connects easily to her smartphone or tablet, and with the free and downloadable SongPal app, she can conveniently and remotely play music with the touch of her fingertips. She can even customize the sound settings and enable multi-room listening. This way, your mom can cook to her favourite jams in the kitchen while entertaining dinner guests in the dining room with a separate playlist. Either way, she’ll be in complete control of her perfect hostess soundtrack. 

Compact and lightweight, this portable music player will be her new favourite accessory and can be placed in the living room, outdoors during a barbecue, or wherever the festivities are located! The h.ear go speaker produces stunning High-Resolution Audio sound quality, but can also pack a powerful punch of EXTRA BASS™ if the song calls for it. It’ll be easy to help her get the party started with this extra considerate gift!

And That’s a Wrap

Now that you’ve found the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, all that’s left to do is wrap your gift and write something sweet on the card. Both the thoughtful gift and your kind words will be music to her ears. 

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