Best Outdoor Fitness Gadget For Music Lovers

Use the NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® for outdoor training

When was the last time you went outside? We mean really go outside, to run, bike, hike, or swim. If it took you more than a second or two to answer this question, chances are you aren't spending enough time outdoors. Exercise provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and be active in nature. According to a study published in The New York Times, adults need an average of 150 minutes of physical activity per week—about 21 minutes a day. Instead of heading to the gym or settling for an at-home workout, consider taking your exercise outdoors to start working towards your fitness goals.

Adults Need Daily Exercise

Adults need an average of 150 minutes of physical activity per week—about 21 minutes a day.

Studies show that consistent outside activity increases happiness, boosts mental concentration, and in some cases, even increases life span. So despite how hectic life can be, it's crucial to get up, get moving, and get outside. Now is the perfect time to take on that athletic challenge you've been dreaming about and reap the many benefits of outdoor training. 

Listening to music is a great way to jump start your training and keep you working toward your goal. According to Fast Company, listening to music motivates us to exercise longer and harder as well as helps us use our energy more efficiently. Music can also improve performance for specific outdoor training activities including swimming, running and cycling.

Sources: Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, The Guardian, and the US National Library of Medicine

Music Increases Athletic Performance

According to scientific studies, listening to music can increase cycling and swimming performance by up to 10% and running performance by up to 15%.

To achieve your personal best, you'll need a fitness gadget for music that can keep up with whatever athletic training you have planned. Built for a wide range of outdoor activities, the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® is fitness gadget designed with an active lifestyle in mind. The durable, lightweight design and weatherproof features of the NW-WS410 ensure that it will be your go-to fitness device and most valuable training partner. 

Read on to learn about the NW-WS410 Sports Walkman®'s various features and capabilities. 

The Best Fitness Gadget to Train for a Marathon 

Completing a marathon is an incredible accomplishment both physically and mentally, so it's no wonder that over half a million Americans run in marathons each year according to a Running USA report. But reaching the finish line requires months of training and preparation, and for such an endurance-based challenge, you'll need a fitness gadget for music that works just as hard as you do. 

The Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® allows users to enjoy music without carrying a smartphone, so limited battery life will never be a concern while training. This Walkman® has a battery life of up to 12 hours to keep you powered up and fully charged when making it through those long runs as the race gets closer. And with the Ambient Sound Mode, you can still hear some external sound so that you can talk to your training partner while listening to your workout music playlist. 

To get in marathon-ready shape you'll need high energy music that will keep you motivated. We recommend powerful songs from artists like Zara Larsson, Galantis, Major Lazer and Sia. These power-packed tracks will make you feel unstoppable! 

The Best Fitness Gadget to Train for a Triathlon 

 If you're looking for an activity with a bit more diversity, triathlons are another great way to get in shape outdoors. Triathlons require training for three different activities, biking, running and swimming, so you'll need your music fitness gadget to be durable and versatile. Luckily, the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® is a perfect fitness gadget for both land and water. When you pop in the waterproof earbuds, you'll be ready to perfect that freestyle stroke without having to worry about water entering the headset. This Walkman® is waterproof to a depth of 6.56 feet, leaving you plenty of room to train in the water. It's also beach-friendly and capable of withstanding salt water, so you can feel free to take your training into the ocean without fear of damaging your device. The ergonomic shape of this device ensures a secure and stable fit, so you'll never have to worry about losing it while diving or jumping into water. 

For music that will keep you moving stroke after stroke, try listening to songs from artists like Thomas Jack, Sigala, Leon Bridges and Jack Johnson. These smooth sounds are perfect for when you're working out in the water. 

The Best Fitness Gadget to Train for Backpacking on the Trails 

If you prefer an athletic activity rooted in nature, training for a long hike or backpacking trip is the perfect outdoor activity for you. Backpacking, especially for long distances, takes incredible strength and endurance, so training beforehand is crucial to ensure your trip goes as smoothly (and with as few blisters) as possible. 

If you want to listen to music during your outdoor hiking adventures, the NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® is a great choice. This music fitness gadget's sealed design protects against sand, dust and grit, so you can hike worry-free for miles. Whether you're trekking through the desert or up in the mountains, you can feel confident that your Walkman® will be protected from the elements. 

When you're out on a hike, music that keeps you calm and centred is a must have. For sounds that will keep your pace steady on the trail, try music from artists like Odesza, Halsey, Coldplay, Flume or Adele. Whether you are planning a short two-mile hike or a week-long journey on a mountain, you can be sure that you'll have enough tunes to fill your hike with music because this fitness gadget comes in both 4 GB and 8 GB models. 

Ready for the Great Outdoors

So before you lace up your running shoes or hiking boots, make sure you have your favourite music fitness gadget, the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman®, charged and ready to take with you for all the action. This versatile device will see you through every challenging training session and keep you moving through whatever outdoor endeavours you have in store. 

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