Full Specifications and Features


Front Speaker

Front Speaker Enclosure Type
Bass reflex
Front Speaker Finish
Wood (cabinet), cloth (grille)
Front Speaker Maximum Input Power
Front Speaker Model name
Front Speaker Rated Impedance
4 ohms
Front Speaker System
3way (Woofer+Tweeter+super TweeterX2)
Front Speaker Units: Tweeter
Front Speaker Units: Woofer
Front Speaker Input terminal
Screw type
Front Speaker Sensitivity
83 db
Front Speaker Dimensions (W x H x D)
171 x 309 x 273 cm

General Features

Frequency Response
Front Speaker

Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
427 x 338 x 404

What's In The Box

  • Speaker Cable (2)
  • Speaker Pads (1)
  • Operating Instructions (1)
  • Warranty Card


Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromised sound

Take your digital music collection to another level with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bitrate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers a near-perfect capture of an artist’s music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Pairs perfectly with the MAP-S1

The SS-HW1 speakers are fine-tuned to bring the very best out of our MAP-S1 High-Resolution Audio player. By taking the already enhanced audio signal from the MAP-S1 and directing it through the speakers’ Wide Dispersion Super Tweeter, the SS-HW1s are able to deliver high-frequency notes with the clarity and detail demanded by High-Resolution Audio.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Connect your High-Resolution collection

The SS-HW1 speakers are the perfect accompaniment to other High-Resolution Audio components – from the music files stored on your PC to a HDD Audio Player System or USB DAC amplifier. Simply connect the speakers to your amplifier and breathe new life into your music collection.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

3-way speaker system for all-encompassing sound

From soprano vocals to resonant bass, hear every note in the detail it deserves. A woofer, a tweeter, and two WD Super Tweeters work together to reproduce sound across a wide frequency range – so whatever you’re listening to, you’ll always hear clear, natural sound.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Super tweeters for soaring highs

Experience pristine highs for music or dialogue. WD super tweeters mounted on the front and top of each speaker create a wider sound field that maintains its quality across the entire room. Ultra-high frequency notes are reproduced in the clarity and detail of High-Resolution Audio, so you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding sound wherever you sit.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Mica Reinforced Cellular cone for undistorted audio

The perfect partner for today’s bass-driven music. Most speakers use paper cones that flex and deteriorate over time, leading to a more distorted sound. Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) fibre woofers are rigid, holding their shape even when moving at high pressure and speed, so you can drive the bass harder without compromising your audio quality.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Strong structure for resounding bass

These speakers are built on sound foundations. The cabinet’s baffle board is made from 15mm-thick MDF to ensure that unwanted vibrations are thoroughly suppressed, while the interior of the cabinet has been further strengthened with a wooden bracing structure. The end result is rich, resonant acoustics.

Feel lows, savour highs with separate chambers

Hear less vibration and more detail in your music. A separated chamber structure within the speaker isolates the tweeter from the other drivers, preventing unwanted vibrations from spilling over and ensuring clear, natural sound.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Premium components, premium sound

Poor connections can have a significant impact on overall sound quality. That’s why these speakers use only premium components: a film capacitor and high-quality coil ensure smooth signal pass-through, while high-grade terminals reduce distortion. This means you’ll be able to hear and enjoy every nuance of High-Resolution Audio.

Picture of High-Resolution Audio Home Speakers

Wooden finish for style and substance

This speaker’s glossy piano finish won’t look out of place amongst the most luxury of interiors. The wood veneer also retains its shape well, ensuring that the sound won’t be influenced by the changes in temperature and humidity.