Sports Home Theatre System

Best home theatre system setup for turning your living room into a stadium

For every sports fan, catching all the action of every game is important no matter where you are watching. Whether it's a home game at your local stadium or a worldwide match that you are streaming from the home theatre system in your living room, sports fans live to watch every match-up, big and small. There's nothing like experiencing the joy of every touchdown, the squeal of tires on the Formula One tracks or the precise clarity of a golf tee-off, as if you were there in person. According to a report by Nielsen in 2015, more than 31 billion hours were spent viewing sports, a number that's grown 41 percent since 2005. Investing in a good home theatre system will enhance your viewing experience by bringing the stadium to you when you can't make it to that pivotal game happening on the other side of the world.  

So, whether you're hosting a game night party or watching with family, here are some pointers on setting up a home theatre system tailor-made for sports entertainment.

Source: Nielsen's Year In Sports Media Report 2015

How Many Hours Were Spent Watching Sports?

More than 31 billion hours were spent viewing sports in 2015, a number that has increased 41 percent since 2005.

Setting Up the Environment for Your Home Theatre System 

Comfort is Key

When you set up your home theatre system, it is crucial to keep in mind comfort while choosing the furniture for the space. Recliners are a great seating option as they have their own foot rests (and some even come with cup holders for you and your guests’ ice cold beverages). You can throw in a few bean bags as well and play with different seating heights so there's nothing to obstruct anyone's view. Picking the right balance of furniture for your home theatre system is important to make sure that the room doesn't get overcrowded or disrupt the sound field. 

Setting Up the Home Theatre System 

Getting Ready for the Action

Planning which home theatre system works best for you depends largely on the size of the viewing room and your entertainment needs. Whether you choose a simple setup or an extraordinary one, choices abound for creating your best immersive audio and video experience.

For those who would like to keep their home theatre equipment to a minimum without compromising on sound quality, the sleek and slender HT-NT5 Soundbar by Sony packs a punch. You can either place it in front of the TV or mount it on the wall; its smart speaker control optimizes high-quality sound for either placement. The home theatre soundbar's 4K compatibility ensures that you get spectacular picture quality, so you can see every move the players make on the field duplicated in superior quality on your screen. 

For hardcore sports fans who want the fully immersive experience of a home theatre surround sound system, consider the highly scalable STR-DN1070 AV receiver, which can be customized as a 2-channel system or a fully-fledged 7.2-channel surround system. 

No matter how many speaker channels you plan to incorporate, make sure to optimize their placement so that your home theatre can generate true dynamic surround sound. The centre channel speaker must always be placed right at the centre of the room's viewing field, either above or below the screen, so you can catch all of the commentary and insight on your favourite players. The front speaker channels should be placed on either side of the room, and the surround speaker channels should be positioned just behind ear-level of the main seating area. These speakers are responsible for environmental sound, like the thunderous roars of the crowd, the whistle of the referee and the blast of the horn that signals the end of the quarter. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere as long as it's within range of the receiver. 

You can take your sports viewing experience to the next level by adding multiple screens to the home theatre system through your AV receiver. If the space allows, mounting two or more screens on the video wall of your room lets you keep up with the action of more than one game. You'll never have to worry about a clash in the live broadcasts of your favourite games. 

Both the HT-NT5 Soundbar and STR-DN1070 AV receiver offer special sound settings programmed to optimize the sounds of sporting events. Make sure to select the sports sound field option on the receiver and sport sound effect option on the soundbar the next time the big game is on.  

Establishing the best home theatre system for your must-watch sporting events can get overwhelming at times, but there are always skilled professionals who can help you with the configuration. For a basic guide on setting up a home theatre system, you can read more in our beginner's guide.

Once you have the perfect home theatre system in place, game nights will never be the same again. So, go ahead and throw that epic game night party or turn up the volume and watch your favourite team by yourself to catch every single second of the action. It's game time.

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