Article ID : 00031238 / Last Modified : 08/27/2019

Information about using third-party external flash modules or studio-type strobes.

    WARNING: Be cautious when using third-party flash accessories with your a (alpha) camera. An external flash or studio-type strobe may not operate correctly if the trigger voltage of the flash/strobe is higher than 6 Volts. In addition, using an external flash or studio-type strobe with a trigger voltage higher than 6 Volts and an accessory shoe adapter without a built-in protection circuit for high voltage can damage the camera. Damage to the camera resulting from the use of a third-party accessory is not covered under the Sony® limited warranty.

    To attach a third-party flash that conforms to the ISO 518 standard, use the ADP-AMA hot shoe adapter. Using the ADP-AMA shoe adapter, it is also possible to use a Pocket Wizard® remote flash .

    In addition, the Sony FA-ST1AM accessory provides a PC Sync (remote flash) terminal helpful for wired triggering of off-camera lighting systems with many DSLR and SLT camera models. It has a built-in protection circuit and slides onto the accessory shoe of the camera, while the external flash/strobe is connected to the FA-ST1AM using a standard PC-type sync cable. The external flash/strobe itself does not mount to the camera - this allows flexibility for using the flash or strobe in any off-camera position.

    IMPORTANT: The FA-ST1AM is not necessary for cameras that have a built-in remote flash terminal.