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macOS 10.12 Sierra compatibility information for Digital Camcorders.

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Listed in this article are the confirmed macOS™ 10.12 Sierra compatible Handycam® digital camcorders released in November 2016 or earlier.

  • 4K Handycam Camcorders

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    FDR-AX1 Yes
    FDR-AX33 Yes
    FDR-AX100 Yes
    FDR-AXP35 Yes
    FDR-AX40 Yes
    FDR-AX53 Yes
    HDR-CX900 Yes
  • High Definition Handycam Camcorders

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    GV-HD700 Yes
    GV-HD700E Yes
    HDR-AX2000 Yes
    HDR-AX2000E Yes
    HDR-CX12 Yes
    HDR-CX12E Yes
    HDR-CX100 Yes
    HDR-CX105E Yes
    HDR-CX110 Yes
    HDR-CX110E Yes
    HDR-CX115E Yes
    HDR-CX130 Yes
    HDR-CX130E Yes
    HDR-CX150 Yes
    HDR-CX150E Yes
    HDR-CX160 Yes
    HDR-CX190 Yes
    HDR-CX200 Yes
    HDR-CX210 Yes
    HDR-CX220 Yes
    HDR-CX230 Yes
    HDR-CX240 Yes
    HDR-CX250 Yes
    HDR-CX260V Yes
    HDR-CX290 Yes
    HDR-CX300 Yes
    HDR-CX320 Yes
    HDR-CX330 Yes
    HDR-CX350 Yes
    HDR-CX350V Yes
    HDR-CX360E Yes
    HDR-CX360V Yes
    HDR-CX380 Yes
    HDR-CX405 Yes
    HDR-CX430V Yes
    HDR-CX440 Yes
    HDR-CX455 Yes
    HDR-CX500 Yes
    HDR-CX500V Yes
    HDR-CX520E Yes
    HDR-CX520V Yes
    HDR-CX550 Yes
    HDR-CX550E Yes
    HDR-CX550V Yes
    HDR-CX560V Yes
    HDR-CX580V Yes
    HDR-CX675 Yes
    HDR-CX700E Yes
    HDR-CX700V Yes
    HDR-CX760V Yes
    HDR-FX1000 Yes
    HDR-FX1000E Yes
    HDR-GW77V Yes
    HDR-PJ10 Yes
    HDR-PJ30V Yes
    HDR-PJ50V Yes
    HDR-PJ200 Yes
    HDR-PJ210 Yes
    HDR-PJ220 Yes
    HDR-PJ230 Yes
    HDR-PJ260V Yes
    HDR-PJ270 Yes
    HDR-PJ275 Yes
    HDR-PJ340 Yes
    HDR-PJ350 Yes
    HDR-PJ380 Yes
    HDR-PJ430V Yes
    HDR-PJ440 Yes
    HDR-PJ540 Yes
    HDR-PJ580V Yes
    HDR-PJ650V Yes
    HDR-PJ660V Yes
    HDR-PJ670 Yes
    HDR-PJ710V Yes
    HDR-PJ760V Yes
    HDR-PJ790V Yes
    HDR-PJ810 Yes
    HDR-TD10 Yes
    HDR-TD20V Yes
    HDR-TD30V Yes
    HDR-TG5 Yes
    HDR-TG5V Yes
    HDR-XR100 Yes
    HDR-XR101 Yes
    HDR-XR150 Yes
    HDR-XR150E Yes
    HDR-XR155E Yes
    HDR-XR160 Yes
    HDR-XR200 Yes
    HDR-XR200E Yes
    HDR-XR200V Yes
    HDR-XR260V Yes
    HDR-XR350 Yes
    HDR-XR350V Yes
    HDR-XR500 Yes
    HDR-XR500V Yes
    HDR-XR520 Yes
    HDR-XR520V Yes
    HDR-XR550 Yes
    HDR-XR550E Yes
    HDR-XR550V Yes
    HDR-XR550VE Yes
  • Standard Definition Handycam Camcorders

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    DCR-DVD650 Yes
    DCR-DVD850 Yes
    DCR-PJ5 Yes
    DCR-PJ6 Yes
    DCR-SR20 Yes
    DCR-SR21 Yes
    DCR-SR47 Yes
    DCR-SR47E Yes
    DCR-SR48 Yes
    DCR-SR57E Yes
    DCR-SR67 Yes
    DCR-SR67E Yes
    DCR-SR68 Yes
    DCR-SR68E Yes
    DCR-SR87 Yes
    DCR-SR87E Yes
    DCR-SR88 Yes
    DCR-SX20 Yes
    DCR-SX20K Yes
    DCR-SX21 Yes
    DCR-SX22 Yes
    DCR-SX40 Yes
    DCR-SX41 Yes
    DCR-SX43 Yes
    DCR-SX44 Yes
    DCR-SX44E Yes
    DCR-SX45 Yes
    DCR-SX60 Yes
    DCR-SX63 Yes
    DCR-SX65 Yes
    DCR-SX83 Yes
    DCR-SX83E Yes
    DCR-SX85 Yes
  • Action Cam

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    FDR-X1000V Yes
    FDR-X3000 Yes
    HDR-AS10 Yes
    HDR-AS15 Yes
    HDR-AS20 Yes
    HDR-AS30V Yes
    HDR-AS300 Yes
    HDR-AS50 Yes
    HDR-AS100V Yes
    HDR-AS200V Yes
    HDR-AZ1 Yes
  • Action Cam Accessories

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    RM-LVR1 Yes
    RM-LVR2 Yes
    RM-LVR2V Yes
    RM-LVR3 Yes
  • Music Video Recorders

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    HDR-MV1 Yes
  • Interchangeable Lens Camcorders

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    NEX-VG10 Yes
    NEX-VG20 Yes
    NEX-VG20H Yes
    NEX-VG30 Yes
    NEX-VG30H Yes
    NEX-VG900 Yes
  • Digital Recording Binoculars

    Model Number macOS 10.12 Sierra
    DEV-3 Yes
    DEV-5 Yes
    DEV-50 Yes
    DEV-50V Yes