Article ID : 00010520 / Last Modified : 08/07/2019

Troubleshoot Bluetooth connection issues on your Windows 7 computer

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot issues when you connect a Bluetooth® device such as mouse, headphones, or mobile device to your Microsoft® Windows® 7 computer:


    • Not all computers have an internal Bluetooth adapter. Check your computer manual or specifications to determine if your computer has a Bluetooth adapter.
    • Try to set up a connection with your Bluetooth device  after completing each step.

    1. Download and install all available Bluetooth updates.
    2. Make sure the internal Bluetooth adapter is enabled.
    3. Make sure the Bluetooth Support Service is started and set to automatic.
    4. Make sure the internal Bluetooth adapter is set to discoverable mode.
    5. Make sure the Bluetooth device is turned on and charged properly.
      • Refer to the device manufacturer's instructions for proper configuration.
    6. The Bluetooth device may be out of range or too close. Move it closer or a little further away.

    More information about troubleshooting Bluetooth devices can be found on the Microsoft® Website.