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Information regarding warranty service and products with missing or altered serial numbers.

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If a serial number has rubbed or torn off from sliding in and out of a carrying case, has faded from exposure to the sun, or a part was replaced in a previous repair but the serial number was not replaced, the product may still be eligible for warranty service. Begin the procedure to send your Sony product into a Sony facility to be repaired.

Products that have an altered serial number, cut and replaced number, or a serial number that has been deliberately removed are not eligible for warranty service. This is due to the fact that some state laws prohibit the handling of these products to prevent the repair of possible stolen property. This information is included on the Limited Warranty card provided with your product.

NOTE: The location of the product serial number can be found in either the product Users Guide or Specifications, and the product Manuals, Specifications and the Limited Warranty card are all available online. Manuals are posted on your model support page.