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The pictures have a blue, orange, yellow, or red tint - poor color reproduction.

    Colors may not appear natural if the camera is not set to an appropriate white balance mode for your shooting situation. Normally, using Auto White Balance (AWB) should work fine. However, in some cases, you should consider using one of the other white balance settings that best suits the environment in which you are shooting.

    Instead of using AWB, you also can manually adjust the color temperature value. Decreasing the color temperature value on the camera will give the picture a cooler, bluish appearance. Increasing the color temperature value gives the picture a warmer, orange or red appearance.

    Some cameras have a fine tune color adjustment. Make sure that the dot for the Fine Adj. option is set to the middle as shown in the below diagram.

    Fine Adjustment Screen for Color

    Additional settings that affect color are Picture Effect and Creative Style. To make sure you get accurate color, make sure Picture Effect is set to Off and that Creative Style is set to Standard.

    NOTE: A list of all the available white balance settings and information about how to adjust the mentioned settings is available in the instruction manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.