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How to program the remote control when the code number is not listed in the manual.

    Follow these steps to set remote control codes that are not stored in the remote control.

    IMPORTANT: To complete this procedure the remote control for the device to be controlled must be available and functioning.

    1. On the receiver remote control, press and hold the RM SET UP button.

      NOTE: It may be necessary to use the tip of a ball point pen of a paper clip to press the RM SET UP button.

    2. While holding the RM SET UP button, press and release the TV button.
    3. Release the RM SET UP button.
    4. Press and release the appropriate input button for the equipment being programmed.
    5. Press the numeric button that is to be used as the VIDEO 1 button.
    6. Point the receiver section of the remote control toward the transmitter on the equpiment's original remote control.
    7. When the RM SET UP button flashes twice, press the RM SET UP button.