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How to set up and train a new user using the integrated Chip (IC) recorder with the Nuance® Dragon NaturallySpeaking® software.

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NOTE: Make sure that the Digital Voice Editor (DVE) software is not opened prior to starting these steps.

  1. Open the Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) software.
    • The Dragon NaturallySpeaking window opens.

    NOTE: If you do not wish to see this window again, select the Do not show this window again checkbox.

  2. Select Click here to start NaturallySpeaking to start the software.
  3. If you have not yet set up a user, Create User appears in the New User Wizard window.

    NOTE: If you have already set up a user and would just like to add a user, you can access the New User Wizard by doing the following:

    1. Click the NaturallySpeaking menu from the tool bar.
    2. Click Manage Users.
    3. Click New.

  4. Fill in the Your name space, select and populate Language from the drop-down box and under the Dictation source drop-down box, select Sony IC Recorder.
  5. Click Next.
  6. When the Please Wait - Dragon NaturallySpeaking dialog box opens, click Next.
  7. When the Welcome! dialog box opens, click Next.
    • The Recording your speech dialog box opens.

    It is necessary to train the software to recognize the speech from the user. To do this, you will need to select a story to use for training the software by doing the following:

  8. In the Recording your speech dialog box, highlight one of the text line items located in the window.
  9. Click either the View or Print button.
    • View: will open a window with the text you selected to dictate to the IC recorder.
    • Print: will print the text you selected for dictation.
  10. The Record This Text dialog box opens with the text you selected.

    IMPORTANT: For best results, read the text into the recorder for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will give the software a large enough sample to more accurately learn your speech.

  11. Click Close when you are done dictating into the IC recorder.
  12. Click Next.
    • The Transferring recorded speech dialog box opens.

    Now that you have recorded your speech to the IC recorder, connect the IC recorder to your computer using the supplied USB cable before continuing.

  13. In the Transferring recorded speech dialog box, click the Sony Digital Voice Editor button.
  14. When the Digital Voice Editor window opens, click OK in the dialog box.
  15. Click to select the voice file that you would like t transcribe in the IC recorder pane on the left.
  16. Click the Voice Recognition icon located just above the IC recorder pane.
    • The Converting.. window will open while the file is being converted for voice recognition.
  17. Once the conversion is complete, click OK.
    • The Transferring recorded speech dialog box should again appear.
  18. Click Next.
    • The Verifying recording dialog box appear and the text file that was converted will be showing in the window.
  19. To verify you have selected the correct file, click the Listen button.
  20. After listening, click Next.
  21. In the Adapting your user dialog box, click the Start Adapting button.

    NOTE: The adapting process may take over an hour to complete. Do not turn off your computer during this process.

  22. The Adapt Dragon NaturallySpeaking to your writing style dialog box appears with two different options for you to choose from:
    • Improve your recognition accuracy (this is the recommended action).
      1. Select both the E-mail and Documents check box.
      2. Click the Start button in the dialog window.

        NOTE: Adapting to your writing style can take between 5 and 30 minutes.

      3. When the DONE dialog box appears with Congratulations! You have completed the New User Wizard, click Finish to complete the process.
    • Skip this step (not recommended.)
      1. Select the Skip this step (not recommended) check box.
      2. Click Next.
      3. When the DONE dialog box appears with Congratulations! You have completed the New User Wizard, click Finish to complete the process.
    • The Wizard will close, reflecting the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software has completed the set up of the new user.

You are now ready to transcribe voice files .

NOTE: To view the tutorial on the Sony Support Web Site, click on the How to use the Sony® IC voice recorder to setup and train a new user link under Software.