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Content Transfer error: Insufficient free space in WALKMAN.

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This error occurs when the Walkman® player does not have enough free space to accommodate the amount of music that is being transferred to it. To correct this, delete some music from the player or limit the amount of songs you are trying to transfer.


  • If you selected a limited amount of tracks from the Apple® iTunes® application, but your entire library started to transfer and caused the error, this is because the Automatic transfer option is enabled. The Automatic transfer option will transfer all of the music located in the folder that you specified. If your iTunes Music folder was selected, it will transfer every song in that folder. If you do not want to transfer the entire folder or do not have the space on your portable player to do so, you should either change the folder to one that does not contain a large amount of music, turn this feature off, or transfer your files from the iTunes software to your portable player by dragging and then dropping the files to the Content Transfer application. When done like this, you can transfer specific tracks only.
  • Alternately, you could create a folder on your hard drive, drag and drop music in there and then set that folder in the Content Transfer application to automatic transfer. Any music in this folder will be automatically transferred when this option is selected.