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How to set up (or pair) two or more ALTUS products.

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  • If you are using a wireless network router, make sure to turn it off before attempting to pair the ALTUS™ devices.
  • If you experience any difficulty with pairing, verify the transceiver cards are firmly inserted. You should hear a click when the cards are properly inserted.
  • If model-specific information is needed to perform any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions that came supplied with the unit. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  1. Power on the main unit.
  2. Verify the S-AIR® wireless function is turned on and that the S-AIR ID on the main unit is set to channel A.
  3. Set the S-AIR ID of the sub unit to channel A.
  4. Press the POWER button on the sub unit.

Once the connection is established between the main unit and the sub unit, the S-AIR indicator on the unit lights up and LINKED will appear in the display for a few seconds.


  • The connection between the ALTUS main unit and sub unit is easy to establish simply by making sure that both units are set to the same S-AIR ID. However, neighbors may receive the sound from your system or you may receive the sound from your neighbors system if the IDs are the same with each of your systems. To prevent this, you can identify the unit with a specific S-AIR sub unit by performing the pairing operation that can be found in the operating instructions.
  • When you are using another S-AIR sub unit, such as a surround amplifier, do not change the ID of the unit. Set the ID of the ALTUS receiver to the same ID as the main unit.