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Can I borrow eBooks from a public library near me?

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Yes, we have provided a Library Finder tool that can help you locate a public library near you offering many titles including those from the New York Times Bestsellers list. Just like you would borrow a book from your public library, you can do so with an eBook. You will need a library card to borrow books.

NOTICE: The steps in this solution are written for the Reader for PC and Mac software. The Reader for PC and Mac software is the latest version of Reader software available. If you currently use the Reader Library software, you can upgrade through the following link:

NOTE: While you can use the steps in this procedure to access the Library through the Reader software, you can also access the Library directly on your Reader Wi-Fi. Refer to the How to download books from the Public Library using the Reader™ Wi-Fi® solution for complete steps.

You can access the Library Finder directly from the Web.

  1. The Library Finder can be found at: http://sonysearch.overdrive
  2. NOTE: To find out more information and if your public library offers free downloads, enter your zip code or state into the Search Libraries field of the Library Finder.

  3. Once you locate a book and download it, you should get a pop-up message that will ask to Run or Save the file. If the Reader software is installed, once you click Run, the book will be downloaded into the Reader software. If you click Save, you will need to locate the file and then double-click it.

    NOTE: Files saved to the computer will be saved as a URL file in the Windows operating system or an ACSM file in the Apple® Mac OS® operating system.

  4. Open the Reader software.
  5. Click the Library tab.
  6. You should see the book you just borrowed in your library now.
  7. The next time you synchronize, the book will be transferred to your Reader device.