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How to navigate through the Reader application.

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IMPORTANT: Before beginning this procedure, make sure you have setup the Reader application and are logged into your Reader Store account .

  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps & Widgets icon. Image
  3. In the Apps & Widgets screen, tap the Reader icon. Image
  4. In the Reader Home screen you will see several different navigational icons:
    • Tap the Reader Store icon to visit the Reader Store website. Image
    • Home tab: This tab will be displayed every time you open the Reader app and displays three different book sections; Recommendations, Now Reading, and Recent. Image
      • Recommendations - This section will display a selection of recommended books available from the Reader Store.
      • Now Reading - This section will display the book you were last reading, allowing you to quickly access it and continue reading.
      • Recent - This section will display books that you have either recently purchased, downloaded or read.
    • You can also tap the Reader Library icon to display the Books, Favorites and Archive navigational icons. Image
    • Books tab: This tab will show all the books that are available with your Reader Store account. If you have just created a Reader Store account, this screen may only have a few book titles listed, but if you signed in with an existing Reader Store account you will see all the titles you have associated with that account. Image
    • Favorites tab: This tab will show all the books that you have marked as a Favorite.
    • Archive tab: This tab will show all the books that you have chosen to remove from the Reader Library view. Book titles remain in this tab so that you can easily re-download them if you choose.


      • If you tap and hold a book title, you will presented with a prompt for the book that will allow you to Read Now, Add to Favorites or Archive. Image
      • Books that are available but not yet downloaded to the tablet will be marked with a Download icon, books that have been downloaded but not viewed will be marked as New while books that have been downloaded and viewed will have neither designation. Image
    • Organize - Use this icon when you wish to add a book or books to your Favorites list, Archive list (for books you may have read and do not want displayed), or remove from your library completely. Image
    • Sort - Use this icon when you wish to sort your library alphabetically by Title or Author, or by Recently Read or Recently Added. You can also select to display you books in the Reverse Order for any of these options. Image
    • Search - If your library is extensive, use this icon to quickly enter and locate a book title. Image
    • Settings - Use this icon to access the settings and other information regarding the Reader application. Image
  5. Once you have located the book you wish to read, tap to open that book.
  6. In the [Book Title] reading screen, flick your finger to the left to view the next page, or to the right to view the previous page.
  7. In any [Book Title] reading screen, tap along the center line to bring up the Quick Navigation bar. Image
  8. The Quick Navigation bar includes the following items:
    • Library - This icon will take you back to the main Reader screen. Image
    • Previous - If you have jumped ahead or back using the Progress slider or Select icon, tap this icon to take you to your previous spot in the book. Image
    • Progress - This bar shows, in linier fashion, the point at which you are in the book and allows you to move quickly forward or back along that line to any point in the text. Image
    • Select - This icon will allow you to select a specific chapter from the Table Of Contents, a specific Bookmark you have made in the book, or specific words or text that you have chosen to Highlight. Image
    • Tools - This icon will allow you to adjust the size of the text (Font Size), the page Brightness, the Page View (single page or two pages), and the Page Flow (left to right or right to left). Image
    • Search - This icon will allow you to search the book or Wikipedia for a specific word or phrase. Image

    NOTE:  As an alternative to some of the steps above, you can tap and hold a portion of the text and either highlight or search for a specific word or phrase. Image