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The hard drive is making or producing a squeaking, clicking, grinding, or grating noise.


    • If a S.M.A.R.T. (SMART) drive failure message  occurs, replacement of the hard drive will be required.
    • If the sound is coming from the computer speakers when using the operating system, the computer microphone may be picking up feedback from the hard drive.
    • Use the VAIO Care™ hardware diagnostics  to test the hard drive. VAIO Care may not be available on all computers.
    1. Remove all media from the drives, and disconnect all removable drives and media.
    2. If possible, mute all audio devices.
    3. If the noise continues to occur, back up all critical data.
    4. Check the hard drive for errors.

      NOTE: For operating system specific information about checking the hard drive for errors, search the Help and Support files in the operating system using the search phrase: error checking

    If you have completed all of the steps and the noise continues, replacement of the hard drive may be required.

    NOTE:  If data or files have been deleted from a hard disk drive, or if the drive has been formatted, damaged or corrupted, and the data and files cannot be recovered using the bundled software, it may be possible to recover the lost information  by using a professional data recovery service company.