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Cannot reset the Reader device.

    The Reader™ device may not turn on, or it may appear to be frozen and unable to turn a page if the unit needs to be reset, the battery is completely discharged or moisture condensation has occurred.

    NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the status after completing each step.

    1. Connect the Reader device to the AC adapter or USB connection. Allow approximately 5 min for it to turn on. If it does not turn on automatically, slide the POWER switch again. If it still does not turn on, continue with the rest of this procedure.
    2. Perform a soft reset .
    3. After the RESET button has been pressed, slide the POWER switch to activate the Reader device again. If the Indicator light next to the power button on the Reader device is yellow, the unit is attempting to start up. If this is the case, allow it a few moments to complete startup.
    4. If startup did not complete, perform a soft reset  again.
    5. Slide the POWER switch to activate the Reader device. Check if the Indicator light next to the power switch on the Reader device is yellow (indicating it is turning on) and if the unit is responding.
    6. If the unit is still frozen, check if the Indicator light next to the power switch on the Reader device is red. If this light is red, allow the Reader device to charge for one hour so there is sufficient charge for troubleshooting.

      IMPORTANT: If you charge via a USB connection and leave your Reader Digital Book connected to the computer to charge and the computer goes into sleep or hibernation, charging will stop and the red charge indicator on the Reader will turn off. If left connected, your battery may begin to discharge. To avoid this, turn off any sleep or hibernation settings while charging or set your sleep or hibernation settings to come on after your Reader Digital Book has been charged and then disconnect it from the computer once charging has completed.

    7. Once the Reader device has sufficient charge, perform these troubleshooting steps again.
    8. If after trying the above steps, you are still having the issue, remove the battery for approximately 30 seconds and then reseat it.
    9. Under certain circumstances, moisture condensation can occur. Moisture condensation can be caused by moving the Reader device between temperature extremes or if the Reader device has come in direct contact with moisture. If you suspect moisture as the cause, allow the Reader device to sit for a few hours before attempting to turn it back on.

      General notes regarding the battery status:

      • You can verify the charge status by disconnecting the Reader device from the computer and checking the battery indicator. The battery indicator will display 4 black bars when it is fully charged.
      • It will take approximately 4 hours to achieve a full charge with a computer. It will take approximately 2 hours to achieve a full charge with the AC Adapter.

      The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.