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Can I use the 3D glasses that are used to watch a movie at the theater with my 3D TV?

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    No, glasses provided for 3D viewing at movie theaters, theme parks and other promotional events will not work as substitutes for the 3D glasses recommended for the Sony® 3D TVs.

    The glasses that are supported for use with Sony 3D TVs support the infrared technology that is used by the transmitter that is required to view 3D content. The supported glasses also have Active Shutter feature that receives a separate right and left image, synchronized with the onscreen image in full High-Definition (HD).


    • Although the glasses and transmitters sold by other manufacturers may seem similar, only Sony 3D glasses and transmitters are supported for use with a Sony 3D TV.
    • Sony 3D glasses are not interchangeable with those of other brand 3D TVs.
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