Article ID : 00012360 / Last Modified : 02/20/2014

The screen is blank and 1fskin:/l/string displays at the bottom.

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The following steps should correct this issue:

  1. Press the Reset button to reset the Reader™ Digital Book.
  2. Power on the Reader Digital Book.
  3. Quickly plug the Reader Digital Book into the computer (before it hangs again).
  4. Directly access the removable disk portion of the Reader Digital book and go to the following path: \database\cache\

    NOTE: You can directly access the files on the Reader Digital Book through the Windows® Explorer interface on a PC or the Finder on an Apple® Macintosh® computer.

  5. Locate the following file: media.xml.
  6. Once you locate this file, rename it to: media.xml.bak.
  7. Disconnect the Reader Digital Book from the computer.