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What is the purpose and benefit of the Background Defocus Control feature?

    Background Defocus Control allows you to change the amount of focus in the background of your subject. This allows the background to be blurred and helps make your subject stand out as the center of attention. This feature is especially useful when shooting portraits.


    • The Background Defocus Control can only be used when the Intelligent Auto or Superior Auto mode is selected.
    • The method for using the Background Defocus Control differs depending on the camera model. For model-specific information about how to use it, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Listed below are some helpful tips on how to use the Background Defocus Control feature.

    Shooting in bright locations

    When the subject is bright, the aperture becomes narrow. It is recommended to adjust the point more to the Crisp side as shown in the image below. To make the background blur, move toward the Defocus side.


    Shooting in dark locations

    When the subject is dark, the aperture is open. It is recommended to set the point to the Defocus side. In this condition, the background cannot be defocused anymore. If the point is set to the Crisp side, the aperture will be narrowed which makes the subject even darker.



    • The defocusing range available may vary depending on the camera lens.
    • The defocusing effect may not be noticeable depending on the distance from the subject or the lens used.
    • For cameras with interchangeable lenses, the Background Defocus Control function does not operate when using a lens adapter to attach an A-mount lens.