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What are the advantages of the Motionflow technologies offered on Sony TVs?

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Many televisions offer 120Hz frame rates. But not all of these systems are the same. Some televisions simply repeat the same frames over and over again. We use Frame Interpolation to calculate and insert a new frame in between each two original frames for 60Hz sources. Some televisions correct for motion blur in the screen, but do nothing to address motion blur in the original camera. The Sony® Image Blur (IB) Reduction feature actually detects and corrects this issue. The Motionflow™ 120 system uses an advanced panel while Sony’s algorithm detects vertical, horizontal and diagonal motion. This helps transform the viewing experience. For everything from movies to news to the fastest action sports, the picture is smooth, sharp and lifelike.

Conventional 60Hz television: Permits substantial motion blur.


120Hz televisions with Frame Interpolation: Doubles the frame rate and reduces some aspects of motion blur, but does nothing for image blur in the camera.


Sony BRAVIA® TV with Motionflow 120 system: Adds Image Blur (IB) Reduction to address blur from the original TV or film camera. The resulting picture is notably sharper.