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The camera function is not working with the Skype Internet video call feature.

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NOTE: Not all TVs are supplied with the Skype® Internet video call feature. To see if your TV supports this feature, check the specifications of your TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  1. Make sure you are using either the Sony® CMU-BR100 or the CMU-BR200 camera and microphone (sold separately).
  2. Make sure the camera is securely connected to the TV.
  3. From the TV menu, use the Check Own Image function to make sure the camera is operating properly.

The CMU-BR100 and the CMU-BR200 camera and microphone feature a feedback-canceling microphone that ensures clear, undistorted voice quality that is free of echo. Unlike using Skype on a computer, you do not need to put on a headset to hear conversations. Voice quality is crisp and clear though your TV speakers; the unique feedback-canceling microphone ensures you are heard clearly without an echo effect.


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