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How to uninstall the Internet Explorer 9 browser.

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    NOTE: For additional information on how to install or uninstall the Internet Explorer® 9 browser, or for the Internet Explorer 9 system requirements, visit the Microsoft website.

    1. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2. In the Control Panel window, under Programs, click Uninstall a program.
    3. In the Programs and Features window, in the left column, under Control Panel Home, click View installed updates.
    4. In the Installed Updates window, click to select Windows Internet Explorer 9, and then click Uninstall. Image
    5. In the Uninstall an update window, click Yes.

    NOTE: After the Internet Explorer 9 browser is uninstall, the previously installed version of Internet Explorer will be available on the computer. It will not be necessary to reinstall the previous version.