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How to shoot panoramic images.

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  1. Exit the Easy mode on the camera.
  2. Select the desired panorama image size.

    NOTE: The camera can shoot 43 MB (10480 x 4096) panoramic images if Panorama Image Size is set to High Resolution (HR). When shooting high-resolution panoramic images, it takes longer to process the images than normal sweep panorama.

  3. Select the desired panoramic shooting mode.
    • If your camera has a mode dial, simply turn the dial to the panoramic position.
    • If your camera has a touch-screen LCD, touch the Mode icon and then select Panoramic Shooting Scene.

    NOTE: Depending on your camera model, you may have more than one panoramic option from which to choose. Some cameras have a 3D Sweep Panorama or Underwater Sweep Panorama feature.

  4. Hold the camera firmly.
  5. Keep your arms tight to your sides.
  6. Pan the camera at a constant speed in the direction of the arrow showing on the camera LCD screen for approximately four to five seconds.

    NOTE: Depending on your camera model, you can pan down to up, up to down, left to right, or right to left.

IMPORTANT: The situations below are not suitable for shooting panoramic images.

  • Moving subjects
  • Subjects too close to the camera
  • Image with a repeating pattern such as sky, sandy beach, or lawn
  • Image with constant change such as waves or water falls
  • Extremely dark night scenes