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How to use the Anti Motion Blur function

    The Anti Motion Blur feature reduces the camera shake when shooting a slightly dark scene or when using telephoto. In addition, the camera combines six shots at high sensitivity into one still image, so camera shake is reduced while preventing picture noise. This feature is also suitable for indoor shots without using the flash.

    Follow the steps below to turn on the Anti Motion Blur feature.

    1. Turn on the camera.
    2. Press the Menu button.
    3. Turn the control wheel to select the Shoot Mode displayed on the LCD screen.
    4. Press the center button on the control wheel.
    5. Turn the control wheel to select Anti Motion Blur.
    6. Press the center button on the control wheel.


    • If you select Anti Motion Blur with RAW or RAW & JPEG, the image quality becomes Fine temporarily.
    • The shutter clicks six times and an image is recorded.
    • Reducing blur is less effective when shooting:

      1. Subjects with erratic movement.
      2. Subjects too close to the camera.
      3. Subjects with a repeating pattern such as tiles, and subjects with little contrast such as sky, sandy beach, or lawn.
      4. Subjects with constant change, such as waves or water falls.

    • When using a light source that flickers, such as fluorescent lighting, block noise may occur.