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Why is the machine name listed as Reserved in the BIOS?

    This issue may happen if the motherboard on a VAIO® computer was replaced by a 3rd party service center or technician and the BIOS was not properly flashed. When this happens, the Machine Name within the BIOS and System Model under System Information will be listed as Reserved.

    Some of the issues this may cause are:

    1. When attempting to install drivers or driver updates obtained from the Sony® eSupport Web site , the error message This update is not intended for use with your computer model may show up even if the correct model number is selected.
    2. When using Sony Recovery Discs the message Cannot use this recovery disc for this computer. Confirm Model type may show up even if correct recovery discs are being used.

    Service will be required to resolve this issue.  Go to Product Repair. 

    IMPORTANT: If the motherboard was replaced by a 3rd party service enter or technician then Out of Warranty repair rates will apply even if the computer is still under the one year warranty.