Article ID : 00015524 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to use the DiXiM application on an iPhone mobile device with the Wi-Fi Direct feature.


    • For additional information or to get the DiXiM app for your iPhone mobile digital device visit the DixiM website at: or contact your iPhone retailer.
    • Although the DiXiM software supports various media formats, the example used in this solution will allow you to display photos using Wi-Fi Direct.
    1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi Direct feature has been set up .
    2. From the Apple® iPhone mobile digital device applications, select DiXiM. Image
    3. Select BRAVIA A. Image
    4. Select Shared. Image
    5. Select Photos. Image
    6. Select AlbumsImage
    7. Select Shared (Documents).Image
    8. Select the desired image or Play all items on the list. Image
    9. Press Play. Image