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A movie rented from PlayStation Video is no longer in the media library.

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  • If the Movie has not been played within the 30-day rental period, you can start playing the Movie on any compatible device attached to your account.
  • Once the movie has started to play on a device, play back must be completed within the 24-hour viewing period on the same device.

Follow the steps below since these will confirm if the movie was rented from the PlayStation™ Video account.

  1. Sign in to the PlayStation Video account.
  2. Check if the media is accessed through the same device where the movie was first played.

    NOTE: Once the play back of the movie is started, it will not show up on the media library of other devices.

  3. Check if the rental was made.
    1. Go to the PlayStation Video web site.
    2. On the web site, click My Account.
    3. Under My Account, sign in to your account.
    4. On Account Management, click on the Account Tab.
    5. Under the Account tab, select Transaction History.

      PSN transaction history

      NOTE: The Transaction History Window will display the transaction description and the date when the transaction was made.

      If there were no transactions found, the attempt of renting the movie was not successful and there are no further troubleshooting steps required. If movie has been rented and is still in the rental and viewing period, continue to step 4.

  4. Update the firmware (software) of the device.
  5. Reset the device to the factory default settings.

    NOTE: This step varies by product. Refer to the user manual for your device. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  6. If the factory reset did not resolve the issue, turn the device off and then back on again.