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The play button does not work or a different song plays when I try to play a song in the Reader for PC or Reader for Mac software.

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NOTE: The play button on the top menu of the Reader™ for PC or Reader™ for Mac® software is for controlling the now playing track only. Clicking on a track one time only selects the track and will not make it the now playing track.

The first time you play a track in the audio player, you must either double-click the track or hover the mouse to the left of the track listing in the right pane. If you have more than one track and one track is already being played and you want to switch tracks, you can do the following:

  1. Double-click the track you wish to play back. Playback will begin and the track will become the now playing track.
  2. You can also hover your mouse in front of the track name in the right pane and then click the play button that appears. This will start playback and this track will become the now playing track.