Article ID : 00016804 / Last Modified : 08/16/2015

Unable to find a player device when trying to throw files from the tablet via DLNA.

    There are several reasons why you may not be able to find a DLNA player device. First, verify that the tablet and the DLNA player are connected to the same network. Any device you want to stream files from or throw files to, must be connected to the same network.

    If you have verified that the player and tablet are connected to the same network, and can find content from a server but cannot find the player, it may be because the player is classified as a Digital Media Player (DMP) device but is not classified as a Digital Media Renderer (DMR) device. Any player device you wish to throw content to must also be classified as a DMR in order to receive media from other devices. If a device is not classified as a DMR no other remote, tablet, smart phone, etc., will be able to send (throw) content to that device via DLNA.

    • Digital Media Player (DMP): These devices can find content on Digital Media Servers (DMS) and provide playback and rendering capabilities. Examples include TVs, stereos and home theaters, wireless monitors and game consoles.
    • Digital Media Renderer (DMR): These devices play content received from a digital media controller (DMC), which will find content from a digital media server (DMS). Examples include TVs, audio/video receivers, video displays and remote speakers for music.
    • Digital Media Controller (DMC): These devices can find content on digital media servers (DMS) and throw files to digital media renderers (DMR). Examples include Internet tablets, Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

    Visit to help determine the DLNA classification of the player device you are attempting to use.

    NOTE: The website database may not reflect device classifications for all products.