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How to set up a Network speaker on a wireless network to stream music from Apple mobile device.

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To stream music to the HomeShare® Network speaker from an iPod® portable player, iPhone® mobile device or iPad™ mobile digital device, use the Discovery - Bonjour® Browser. To begin, follow these steps:

NOTE: For additional information including model-specific steps, refer to the manual supplied with the Apple® mobile device, or visit the Apple support website.

  1. Turn on the Network speaker.
  2. Connect the Network speaker to an active home Internet connection using a LAN cable.
  3. Download and install the Discovery - Bonjour Browser software on your Apple device from the App Store.
  4. Make sure that the Apple device is connected to the same home Internet connection as the Network speaker.
  5. Start the Discovery - Bonjour Browser.
  6. From the Discovery - Bonjour Browser, select a local domain. Image
  7. Select the World Wide Web HTML –over- HTTP.
  8. Select the SA-NS500.
  9. Write down the IP Address listed. Image
  10. Start the Safari® Web browser on the Apple device and enter the IP address in the address field.
  11. Start the WiFi setting.
  12. Select and play the desired media file.