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How to create a collection on the Reader Digital Book.

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A collection is a custom set of books and other items that you create from items on the Reader™ Digital Book. It is a unique and convenient way to organize your items. You can organize and personalize your content by creating collections by subject matter, date, genre or anything that best suits your purpose. You can create up to 100 collections.

First, create a collection...

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Open the Collections menu. To open the Collections menu, use the appropriate steps for your model:
    • PRS-T1: Tap Collections.
    • PRS-T2:
      • Tap Applications, and then in the Applications menu, tap Bookshelves.
      • In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the down arrow and then from the Choose Bookshelf menu, tap Collections.
  3. In the Collections screen, tap the Create new collection button. Image
  4. In the Collection Name box, type a name for the collection and then tap OK. Image
  5. In the Choose where to create a collection screen, tap the desired location to save your collection. Image

    NOTE: A collection and its items must be stored in the same location. For example, if the book/periodical is stored on the Reader’s internal memory, you may not add items stored on a microSD card to the collection.

Now add Books or Periodicals to the collection you just created...

  1. Press the Home button and tap Collections. Image
  2. Tap a collection that you have created. Image
  3. Press the Menu button. Image
  4. Tap Add Content. Image
  5. In the Add Content box, tap either Books or Periodicals. Image
  6. For Books:


    1. In the Add Books screen, tap to select one ore more book(s) to add to the collection. Image
    2. Once finished, tap Done. Image
  7. For Periodicals:


    1. In the Select Periodical screen, tap the Periodical to add to the collection. Image
    2. In the Add issue list, tap to select the issue(s) to add to the collection. Image

      NOTE: Repeat this process if you want to add multiple issue from different Periodical subscriptions.

    3. Tap Done. Image
  8. The book and/or periodicals will be added to the collection and will appear similar to this: Image

NOTE: You can also add books or Periodicals to an existing collection in a similar way from the Books or Periodicals menu. The steps are similar to process described above, but here is a quick description of how to do it, using books as an example...

  1. Press the Home button and then tap Books. Image
  2. Press the Menu button and then tap Add to Collection.
  3. Tap a collection that you have created that appears in the list.
  4. Select one or more books that you wish to add.
  5. Tap Done.


IMPORTANT: While it is possible to create a collection using the Reader™ for PC or Mac software, collections created in the software will appear on your Reader, but you will not be able to manage (add, delete...etc) the collection using the Reader. Additionally, when you sync your Reader, any collections created from the Reader cannot be managed using the Reader for PC or Mac software. You may find it easier to create and manage collections exclusively using your Reader. Collections created using Reader for PC or Reader for Mac software will be denoted with an icon and you will not be able to manage them from your Reader device. Here is an example of collections created using the software and directly from the Reader. As you can see, only the ones that do not have the icon can be edited. The only exception is Unread Books, Unread Periodicals and Purchased Books. These are managed automatically by your Reader and cannot be edited. Image