Article ID : 00018290 / Last Modified : 10/24/2018

Use Tracking Focus on Your Cyber-shot Camera

    Tap the screen of your DSC-TX10 Cyber-shot® camera to enable Tracking focus. This feature tracks and adjusts the focus automatically, even if the subject is moving.

    • Press the shutter button halfway to lock the focus and exposure settings.

      Tracking Focus

    Use Tracking Focus with Other Features

    • Face Detection
      • You can register a face on the camera and set it as a priority.
      • If the registered face goes in and out of the camera screen, the camera re-focuses on it again.
    • Smile Shutter
      • If you turn on Smile Shutter and register a face, the camera takes the photo automatically only if it detects that person's smile.

    Difficult Focusing Conditions

    Tracking focus may fail to lock, lose focus, or track a different subject in the following situations:

    • The subject moves quickly.
    • The subject is too small or too large.
    • The subject is the same color as the background.
    • Light conditions are low.
    • The brightness of the light changes.